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14. Francis causes a spring of water to flow from a rock for a thirsty man accompanying him

Another time as Francis wanted to go to a hermitage, because he was weak he rode on a donkey belonging to a certain poor man. That man climbed up the mountain following Christ's servant. Worn out from the journey and weakened by a burning thirst he began to cry out after the saint, "I'll die of thirst if I don't get a drink immediately!" Without delay the man of God leaped down from the donkey, knelt on the ground, raised his hands to heaven and prayed unceasingly until he understood that he had been heard. After he had finished his prayer, he told the man, "Hurry over there to the rock and you will find living water where at this hour Christ has mercifully brought forth water from the rock for you to drink."

The Saint is shown in an attitude of trustful prayer. The thirsty man is slaking his thirst with an eagerness that shows how he has suffered. The mystic attitude of Francis is made more expressive when contratsted with the well-fed group which stands to one side on the left of the picture.

St. Bonaventure's Major Legend of Saint Francis, (Cf. ED vol.II LMj VII:12 page 584)

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Francis of Assisi is known as Everybody’s saint .
In fact, many men and women love him, or his example so much that they make a lifelong commitment to follow his way of life. Is God calling you to follow Christ in the footsteps of Francis?
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    Saint Francis of Assisi left us "a Dream to dream and a Journey to challenge everyone".  All Franciscans are inspired by him to follow Christ.  The Secular Franciscan Order belongs to this family.  In their secular state, members permanently commit themselves to live the Gospel as Francis did, following his Rule approved by the Pope. The OFS is open to the laity and diocesan clergy. 
    There are more than 850 Secular Franciscans in Great Britain.  Gathering in fraternities, they strive to grow in the love of God and in peace with each other. In this way, they aspire to be faithful disciples of Christ.

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